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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

ERP Consulting offers its customers solutions in the field of Enterprise Content Management (ECM). Based on ECM-platform are built application solutions such as:


  • Office, incoming and outgoing documents
  • Organizational and administrative paperwork, record keeping and monitoring of performance discipline
  • Electronic archive
  • Control references of citizens
  • Contract management
  • Manage marketing resources
  • HR paperwork
  • Manage the quality management system documentation
  • Management of project and design documentation
  • Electronic statements
  • Intranet portal


Business benefits from the introduction of enterprise content management


  • Formation of a centralized database of documents and information about them which is available at any time
  • Reducing the time of the mundane - registration, entry, search, transfer documents, resolutions, orders
  • Timely and valid information about the status of documents, resolutions, and individual assignments
  • Control of timing of the passage, reducing the number of expired documents
  • Transparency of documents, streamlining of the process of passing documents
  • Speeding up the work of general staff department
  • Reducing the influence of human factors, errors and abuses
  • Decreased percentage of paper documents in your organization


ERP Consulting offers its customers building enterprise content management systems on a platform of solutions and technologies provided by Microsoft, namely:


Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Office