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Hotels and Restaurants

ERPC Hotel if the software solution for automation of the hotel business.
The solution is built on the basis of an enterprise management system Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and combines a modern, open to adaptation of ERP system functionality and powerful industry.
The integrated circuit processes hotel complex, automated ERPC Hotel
Some features of solution ERPC Hotel:
  • Manage online booking, accommodation, eviction from the hotel and the calculations with the guests
  • Managing finance charges for additional services
  • Maintain guest accounts with prepaid, credit, payment after delivery
  • Management Group Settlement
  • Working with entities
  • Flexible accrual payments in different currencies
  • Automatic debit money from an advance to pay for guest services, unbundling of accounts
  • Monitoring of contracts with tour operators and travel agents
  • The ability to monitor the status of rooms at any time
  • Floor Plan Hotel
  • View statistics for hotel guests
  • Flexible management fees, stock
  • Construction of an internal payment system;
  • Loyalty Program and Marketing: The discount cards, SMS and e-mail mailing list
  • Automatic creation of invoices for payment
  • Web-booking
  • Pay by credit card online
  • Formation of management reporting on activities of the hotel
  • Generate reports for the daily administration for reservation services, concierge, room cleaning service
  • Backup
  • Closing date financial and hotel transfer data to the accounting