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Distribution and Logistics

Companies that operate in the field of distribution and logistics are constantly having to adjust to new market conditions and growing demand from customers. ERPC Distribution – is a comprehensive solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which allows the most efficient business processes to automate the company's distributor, such as:


  • Management solution for distribution
  • Planning, building lots, shipments and deliveries of goods necessary to customers at the right time
  • Logistics management, customer relationship. Control the turnover of goods in a warehouse, optimization of storage space


Some features ERPC Distribution: 




  • Joined primary customer contact
  • Formation of the offer, tracking transaction status
  • Create a contract based on offer
  • Formation of a full package of sales documents
  • Maintain listings of products and flexible option pricing, loyalty program
  • Integration with a cash register, POS - Terminal
  • Web-portal
  • Creation of applications to purchase a product based on the sales plan
  • Formation of purchase orders with the pace and priority of delivery
  • Track the status of purchase documents
  • Reconciliation of payments, payment calendar
 Warehouse Logistics:
  • Receipt document on the basis of CCD and purchase documents
  • Multiskladskaya logistics with detailed structure of the warehouse, zoning
  • Full cycle storage operations: receiving, loading, storage, replenishment, movement
  • Integration with the process of selling lists of matching the package shipment
  • Accounting and planning of transport
  • Multicurrency Wednesday
  • Management of accounts receivable, net control
  • Journals operations
  • Budgeting
  • Financial and analytical reports
  • Consolidation
  • Accounting for cash and bank transactions
  • Accounting documents and statements
  • The accounting and tax reporting
  • The accounts, unified forms of documents
  • Fixed Assets
As a result of implementation of ERPC Distribution, you will receive an effective tool in structuring and automating the business processes of the company.
Implementing solution ERPC Distribution will allow:
  • To increase productivity at all stages of business processes
  • Maximum automate labor-intensive processes and eliminate duplication of work
  • To minimize the influence of the "human factor"
  • Increase the level of control and motivation of staff
  • Optimize storage of goods in stock
  • Increase the speed of assembly orders more than doubled
  • Reduce the number of errors during assembly orders for customers
  • Significantly increase customer satisfaction and, hence, the result of the company