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Support and maintenance

ERP Consulting Company offers its customers support services and maintenance of information systems, their functional development and modernization.


Information technology, as a key element of the company's infrastructure, a tool for business, management, and analysis need to be constantly improved.


The main sources of changes include:


  • Changes in legislation
  • Requests for changes by users
  • The emergence of new markets or products
  • The actions of competitors
  • Technology development
  • Client requests


Quality service from the supplier solutions, timely delivery and deployment of software updates and additions ensure continuity of the company client business and the important competitive advantages.


We pay special attention to your staff. Ergonomics, comfort, simplicity and intuitiveness of use, clear documentation, and technical support channel - all of these properties of our information systems enable your team to focus on business operations, carry out their functions promptly and efficiently.


Within our company there is a special project - ERP Academy, in which we conduct training and advisory courses and seminars on products and solutions, prepare your specialists for taking the certification exam, implementation, maintenance of information systems.