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Development and Construction

The construction industry is one of the most dynamic. Increase complexity and diversity of running construction projects. At the same time, customers are placing more stringent requirements for timing and quality of construction works. To provide funding for construction companies have been attracting foreign investment. Market capitalization is an important factor in competition.

To improve the efficiency of operations, financial accounting and successfully compete in today's conditions, construction companies need to change management and business, in line with global practices and technologies. You need a solution that allows you to have before your eyes an accurate picture of business environment - from its general level and to the smallest detail in separate transactions.


One of the steps of effective business strategy, the construction company is the introduction of industry solutions for construction projects ERPC Development & Construction, as a tool to monitor the processes in real time and quickly make important financial and managerial decisions, as the scale of individual units and in general at the level of construction holding company.




In general, this solution provides automation of the financial activities of the construction company, taking into account the specifics of the business processes associated with development, construction and sale of properties of different categories: residential, commercial and industrial. Solution ERPC Development & Construction is built on the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV.



The main functional modules of the solution


Financial module

The analysis of investment activity

Solution ERPC Development & Construction will be useful at the first stage of the construction project - namely, the analysis phase of attraction of investments. With the help of specialized software tools, you analyze the project parameters, the possibility of competition, demand trends in the selected segment and predict the cost of design and construction of the object and external communications, additional costs, taxes, customs duties, etc.


Solution ERPC Development & Construction will manage the solution of such problems as:


  •     Planning stages of construction
  •     Formation of the investment budget
  •     Creation of a payment schedule for the facility construction
  •     Calculation of the cost of facility construction
  •     Cost sharing for construction sites
  •     Cost analysis of construction projects
  •     Analysis of the investment strategy of the project, evaluation of investment


Thus, using a solution ERPC Development & Construction, you greatly facilitate the task of deciding on the scope and parameters of the project and its launch




Solution ERPC Development & Construction allows you to manage the budget process and provide cost accounting for construction projects at all stages, from the conclusion of an investment contract until the end of construction works. Construction schedules often change. Solution ERPC Development & Construction can quickly recalculate the resource requirements, adjust project plans, and reshape the budget for each change.


Functions of budgeting decisions ERPC Development & Construction is closely related to the functions of planning, implementation and monitoring of expenditure, such as:


  • Formation of requests for purchases
  • The register of requests
  • Approval of requests
  • Creation and execution of schedules of payments
  • Document on applications for payment
  • Integration with external applications ("bank-client")


Due to the functions of budgeting and payment management solutions ERPC Development & Construction you will always have current information about project and budget performance, and operational management decisions


Financial management


Project management of construction similar to running the company - must constantly monitor the financial performance of the project.

Costs and revenues of the project budget and availability of financing, project progress and forecast costs are essential for successful project implementation and ensure its profitability.


The solution provides the following features:


  • Management of credit and loans
  • The management chart of accounts
  • Maintain payment calendar
  • Accounting for all payments
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounting and settlement of securities transactions
  • Monitoring of settlements with debtors and creditors
  • Set up the operation to shut down periods
  • Accounting for cash flows between the settlement accounts of the enterprise. 
  • Multi-company accounting
  • Planning and control of cash flows on a per-project and for the whole company


It is very important that the solution ERPC Development & Construction is fully localized for Ukraine and meets all the requirements of Ukrainian accounting and tax law.



Project Management Module


Drafting of technical and commercial proposals


During the preparation of a contract for a project by the developer it is essential to get the most accurate estimate of the duration of the project and its cost.

This assessment is the basis for negotiating the timing of the construction contract and project cost.

Thus, the precise planning of the object on the basis of current prices of works used in the recent period, current prices of materials based on current purchases or offers to allow suppliers of high quality short term to make an objective calculation of the cost of construction.


The solution provides the following features:


  • Preparation of cost estimate of the object based on the value of resources required and the timetable of the project
  • Create and compare different versions of the simulation timetable and project costs
  • Easy Cost Planning for the hierarchical structure of work-based project templates and samples to allow the receipt of construction documents to make an objective calculation of the object
  • Automatic collection of costs for different levels of the project structure allows for scenario planning from the top down and bottom-up
  • The system simplifies the interpretation of the graphic visualization of the simulation results of the project
  • A unified information system and database allow to obtain more accurate and consistent results
  • The solution provides the tools to stay current database to produce the value of the objects on the basis of market information and evidence on completed projects


Project Accounting


Project management tools designed specifically for project companies, including targeted investment projects.

They allow you to analyze the status of projects to manage the consumption of time, material and financial resources.


With solutions ERPC Development & Construction, you can:


  • Maintain the register of projects
  • Plan and monitor the implementation phases of project work
  • Plan and supervise the execution of the project budgets
  • Monitor the performance of tasks, requests for project
  • Get the statistics on the project implementation budget, control the timing of the stages of work, overdue tasks, assignments, etc.


Thanks to the solution of ERPC Development & Construction in front of your eyes will always be a complete picture of the current state of execution.


Estimate-contractual module 


During construction planning it is necessary to compare schedules with the consolidated estimated by calculation and make the distribution of construction costs over time.


The solution provides the following features:


  • Develop and records of construction documents.
  • The integration of the estimated program level reporting forms, local budgets, bills of resources
  • Consideration of Treaties
  • Planning and execution of accounting activities in accordance with the structure of the estimated calculation
  • Budget allocation of costs based on the timetable of construction
  • Maintain cost data in the reference and current prices
  • Translation of the budget expenditure in the budget targets for cash flow
  • Unified repository of project documentation (estimates, statements, contracts, drawings) with reference to elements of the project structure



Module supply and management of construction and assembly work


Delivery of materials to the site shall be in accordance with the schedule and required quality. All costs associated with delivery of materials should be promptly reflected in the statements of the project. Require continuous monitoring of supplier performance and management of the material supplied.


Procurement, supply chain management


  • Procurement planning and monitoring the purchase of materials from suppliers
  • The functionality of the tender procedures for procurement
  • Provide ongoing process synchronization material procurement with timetable and timely reflection of the cost reporting project
  • Plan Ahead purchase of materials or equipment with the cycle of production or supply;
  • Aggregation of demand for the same materials used at different stages of works and objects for the purpose of consolidation of supply and reduce the purchase price
  • Implementation of the purchases of materials directly under the object without intermediate storage or warehouse management systems for the supply of construction projects
  • Return the materials and their redistribution between sites
  • Monitoring of supplier performance
  • Planning and managing the transportation process
  • Write-off of materials and equipment at sites
  • Managing stock balance
  • Transport Logistics (applications for transport, traffic logs)
  • Create a transparent system for the formation of the actual cost of the object by integrating the processes of construction management facility procurement and financial accounting.

Control of construction works


The module includes the ability to monitor the construction process: tools for analysis of deviations from the timing and budgets, quality of work as their own teams, and teams of subcontractors.


The solution provides the following features:


  •  Enlarged scheduling activities and use of resources at the level of the construction schedule with detailed planning capacities
  • Detailed planning to specific artists
  • Optimization of capacity utilization
  • Accounting for production at facilities
  • Consideration of documents regulating the relations with clients and contractors
  • Accountability in the management of construction projects
  • Write-off of material and production resources based on standards of construction and erection works of the company
  • Analysis of the efficiency of construction works
  • Monitoring compliance with standards



Module management and sales and marketing


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


With solutions ERPC Development & Construction, you can create and maintain a database to store structured information about your company's customers, including the history of communication, information on the services rendered and sold / leased real property. Having a single database, which is concentrated all the important business information, making the work units responsible for marketing, sales and customer service, an order of magnitude more efficient. You will be able to manage all the processes of interaction with your company's customers, from initial phone calls and mailings to contracts for the purchase and lease.


The solution provides the following features:


  • Segmentation of customer base. Grading and classification of business contacts
  • Operations to find the necessary contact to the specified parameters, using flexible filtering mechanisms
  • Sales planning. Possibility of constructing a predictive model of sales
  • Management of commercial opportunities. Sales Funnel
  • Loyalty programs
  • Automatic creation of a complete set of documents sale
  • Monitoring of performance customers for payments, reports of late payments (SMS / E-mail)
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of the sales department and each manager individually


Property management


Solution ERPC Development & Construction facilitate development companies management of commercial real estate. Among these specialized operational functions:


  • Information management of real property, facilities, equipment
  • Formation of the operating budget
  • Maintaining lease agreements with the payment schedule
  • Calculated with the tenants, including automatic calculation of interest
  • Control costs of real estate




  • Maintain data on housing projects, real property (apartments, offices), car parks and parking areas and accounting
  • Accounting changes in the area including Statement by local authorities of property account 
  • Installation of new prices for the secondary facilities, parking
  • Implementation of multi-level mechanism for booking
  • Installing an internal reserve for real estate
  • Set limits on the sale of real estate
  • Calculation of utility bills
  • Joined current payment of real estate