We are professionally engaged in the delivery of licensed software from leading manufacturers. ERP Consulting offers a box products, OEM versions of software for computer equipment suppliers, enterprise licenses (OLP).


We deliver complex solutions, selecting the most profitable forms of supply and purchase options. Licensed software is available as from the warehouse and on order.


Our certified professionals:


  • Thoroughly knows the rules and conditions of software licensing;
  • Will assist in selecting the most appropriate and proper licensing scheme allowing for the client company;
  • Provide loyal prices, special discounts for regular customers, dealers, consumers, businesses, government agencies and universities.


We offer a wide selection of software:


  • Operating systems;
  • Server software;
  • Backup of data;
  • A variety of office applications;
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam;
  • Software development tools;
  • OEM, BOX, OLP versions, distributions, and documentation.


Our competence is confirmed by:


  • Successfully executed large-scale projects;
  • Certificate from the manufacturers (vendors) of software.