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Project Management

ERP Consulting company presents the completed solution "ERPC. Project Management" for the project companies.
The solution is based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 and enables to improve operating efficiency with the help of project management.

Implementation of the solution will enable:

  •     To create a foundation for the intensive development of the company in the current and predictable competitive environment;
  •     To ensure transparency of project management processes and the company as a whole;
  •     To organize a common information environment of company management;
  •     To guarantee the security of information development of company's business;
  •     To effectively manage the financial, procurement, warehouse processes, materials, and resources;
  •     To prepare reports for project and company as a whole in real time;

Project management in the company


  •      Formation of calendar plan time schedules with support for multiple levels of hierarchy;
  •      Plotting of the resource and cash flows by individual species, phases and the entire project;
  •      Resource and materials planning,  up to the level of managed data packets;
  •      Modeling  scenarios and versions of works of the project and funding sources;
  •      Distribution of overhead costs in stages and types of design work;
  •      Subsystem integration of project management with financial budgeting module;
  •      Integration with planning at the level of the estimated regulated forms (Local estimates КС-6, КС-2, КС-3, М-29, КБ2В);
  •      Two-sides integration with MS Project.
  •      Analytical reporting in the context of projects, stages, types of work, the structure of income and expenses means MS Dynamics NAV, Reporting Services, and other applications (project costs, project execution calendar, key financial  indicators of the project.)




Financial management of the project and the company


  •      Unified accounting methodology based on reference management analytics (income and expense, the centers of financial responsibility, the projects);
  •      Maintaining cash flow budgets, budgets of income and expenditure;
  •      Multicurrency accounting transactions;
  •      Planning and control of payments. Entry system of payments initiation, payment schedule;
  •      Flexible adjustment of the chains matching documents;
  •      Financial reporting with the ability to easily customize the forms and data collection algorithms.


Supply Chain Management


  •      Leading contractors directory, building balance and mutual obligations to the counterparty;
  •      Accounting for customers, suppliers and contractors;
  •      Maintaining a unified nomenclature of products, resources, with an import of purchase prices;
  •      Determining the need of materials, equipment and machinery , staff resources on the basis of calendar plans and working schedules. Functionality planning MRP II;
  •      Formation of requests for the supply of materials, equipment, facilities and services;
  •      Keeping tender procurement (request for tender, automatic e-mail delivery, analysis of proposals).
  •      Activating of jobs, billing to the customer.


Warehouse logistics


  •      Multi storage structure, storage in the context of projects and MOL;
  •      The implementation of the complex structure of the warehouse with the accounting of zoning and storage locations of inventories;
  •      Formation of internal  and external warehousing documents (receipt, placement, transfer, recruitment, Sales Invoice).
  •      Bar coding and integration with the TSD;
  •      Inventory, warehouse space, inventory of stocks management.

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