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Furniture Manufacturing

Industry solution ERPC Furniture is a program-technological complex designed to automate the furniture business.
ERPC Furniture Solution is built on the enterprise management system class ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV and focuses on manufacturers of upholstered and cabinet furniture, and furniture products distributor.
The solution has ability to control both the mass production and customizes manufacturing of furniture "to order". Through flexible resource planning, and monitoring work performance, in real time, to avoid delays in the production process.
The integrated circuit business model of furniture company:
The main chain of operations, which lies at the heart of the furniture company, is as follows:



Possible solutions to manage the furniture industry


Sales Management


  • Customer relationship management
  • Management of business opportunities and sales funnel
  • Improving the efficiency of the sales department and each manager individually
  • Track the lifecycle of the transaction in real time, with the ability to adjust and control the sales process
  • Significant reduction in the time of ordering, due to rapid search of necessary items by the given parameters, with the possibility of rapid analysis of residues in storage
  • A preliminary calculation of the cost of goods "to order", taking into account the selection of color / texture-making
  • Reduction of routine work of staff, by automatically creating and recording in the sales documents


Interface of receiving the order




Integration with design systems



Sales Analysis





Production planning

In enterprises of furniture branch, it is extremely important objective is to ensure the preparation of the production process by means of technological solutions.
In the absence of reliable and effective IT tools to support this objective, the company faces the problem of lack of control over the timing and resource allocation.
If this task is not given due attention, the company threatens to stall the timing of execution of orders, the value of the contracts will have to lay a big price inefficient use of resources.
All this leads to lower competitiveness and causes damage in the eyes of customers. Our company has experience in the furniture industry.
Specifically to support production planning problems, we developed a module functionality which allow you to:
  • Generate production schedule (MPS), based on the backlog of orders and forecast sales of finished products.
  • Receive a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of production plans for key enterprise resources (equipment, labor, materials)
  • Correct the production plan with a lack of resources, to assess volumes of replenishment: purchasing equipment, hiring, overtime, subcontracting
  • Calculate the net requirements for products and semi-finished products at all stages of the production cycle, to calculate the volume of production orders and deadlines
  • Generate a schedule start-finished products based on the production plan and create a schedule purchases of materials and components, according to the algorithm MRPII
  • Generate purchase orders with reference to contracts
  • Monitor the implementation of plans of sales, production and supply
  • Calculate the planned and actual costs of production scheduled to count and the actual production cost, to analyze variations in costs and cost
The integrated circuit production planning process
Scheduling Algorithm MRP II - reduction of logistics costs
Thanks to the functionality of the module "Production" provides accounting and process control in real time.
The main tasks of the software module are: the registration information on the processes of production and assembly of constructive modules, production planning based on the load of jobs and the required amounts of final products, accounting regulations and actual production figures, the formation of basic and specialized documents for jobs, analysis of Fill in the production and receipt of analytical information for management.
Functionality of the module allows:
  • Create a dynamic specification and routes
  • Analyze the capacity and capacity utilization
  • To carry out the distribution of replacement jobs
  • Monitor the implementation of the chain of production orders
  • Provide an intelligent redistribution of tasks between production capacity
  • Ensure production of finished products with a real unit cost


Manufacture of furniture production is performed on the basis of orders received for manufacturing.

On reflection the fact of manufacturing products in the information system, the user specifies performers manufacturing operations, and, if necessary, corrects the materials written off (originally filled by the specifications for the manufacture of products) in accordance with the actual flow rate.

This allows you to keep accurate records of inventories and the ability to correctly calculate the cost of production and semi-finished products, as well as calculate piecework wages of production workers.

Production is released to the warehouse and shipped to the buyer may be (launched in future production).


Production routes, and specifications

You can customize and store an unlimited number of versions of the production route, which minimizes bottlenecks and accelerate the resolution of force majeure.
It is possible to assign more recent versions for one product and configure the automatic route selection for a production order based on the number of products.

Management capacity utilization

Available control the current and projected capacity utilization, including a graphic.
This makes it easier to identify bottlenecks, because looking at the schedule downloads, easy to understand when to introduce another shift, overtime or to announce revised schedule.
The functionality of capacity planning helps determine what work center is best suited to carry out an operation / mission.
If the operation is linked to a group of work centers, the system evaluates each one and automatically selects the least loaded or the most suitable to perform the operation on the basis of certain properties to it.

Financial management and reporting


The financial outline of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which is designed on a platform solution ERPC Furniture, fully integrated with all system modules, warehouse and industrial units.
This integration of the financial accounts of general ledger included cost of goods manufactured and services rendered, a variety of trade discounts, Value Added Tax.
Special batch jobs allows for the registration of a warehouse at the cost of the financial accounts. Similarly, taking into account all brands and operating costs, overhead, etc.
Thanks to business intelligence Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can save time and costs associated with finding and analysis of operational data.
Instead of static build reports, analyze their data using technology drill down. This will help to understand what there was one or the other figure.
Transform data into multi-level hierarchical structure of the analyst. Create summary reports for multiple companies or departments. Spend analysis, using different proportions, calculation of results and distribution of analytical measurements within and between different hierarchical levels of data.

You can analyze the results at any scale, from the overview at the top level and ending with viewing of fine detail.

For example, when analyzing sales results, you can view the information in the context of groups of customers, specific customers, specific shipments or any other aspect that you need. Thanks to the continuous measurement of performance, you can accurately determine whether the business met the company's goals, and whether the chosen strategy of the company.