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ERP Consulting offers its clients services in the implementation of complex projects, including business, management and IT consulting.


The main task of business consulting is an analysis of actual company's strategic goals, building business goals and IT project to develop a strategy for achieving them. Business goals of IT project can relate to such aspects of management, as finance, marketing, sales, logistics, production, personnel, etc.


In the course of management consulting we determine what business processes must be streamlined and made ​​more effective and how to do it. We describe the target company's management model (business model, "How should it be") and develop a plan for implementing change.


The purpose of IT consulting services is the choice of IT tools enables business models and goals. The result is a document - Terms of Reference (TOR) for the IT project and its feasibility study (FS).


All three of these components is inextricably linked to each other, and we offer our clients a comprehensive approach. Comprehensive consulting project, usually preceded by the IT project (introduction of information technology), thereby reducing the risks, save the budget and get the expected return from deployment.


The integrated scheme of comprehensive consulting project:



Typical stages of a comprehensive consulting project:

1.     Preliminary analysis of the situation in the company

2.     Formulation of the business objectives of the project

3.     Detailed diagnosis and analysis of requirements

4.     Description of business models "As it is" and "How should it be"

5.     Develop a project plan of reorganization of business processes

6.     Development of technical specifications for IT project

7.     Development of feasibility study of IT project