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Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, it is a completed solution for companies working in the field of project-oriented businesses which allows you to create a comprehensive system of management of project activities and ensure the expeditious execution of work, accurate risk assessment and control of budgets of the project, as well as improve financial, management and analysis consulting firm with a project type of business.


Failures of marketing and business development, such as inefficient work with a customer base and non-sales methodology, inevitably lead to underutilization and downtime of production units. If your business is inherent in project-based approach, it is not enough well-established project management, however, overloads the producers, greatly reducing efficiency, and hence the profitability of their work. And most importantly - interact directly with a limited number of customers, you are unable to generate cash by reselling products through another channel. Therefore, the finance required to accurately assess the cost of services the company and have a picture of cash flow - or the company has no future!

Therefore, whatever the specialty of your company, we can say with confidence that your business is critical:
  • Constant maintenance and expansion of client base
  • The effectiveness of project management
  • Management accounting, budgeting, control of cash flow
Solutions Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the professional services market will allow you to manage all the company's business processes. You can automate customer relationship management, to optimize resource planning company in the course of project work, develop effective financial management, as well as solve a series of no less urgent problems, such as monitoring employee time and manage their development.
Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV for professional services companies:
Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Working in the market of professional service, you are directly dependent on your customers. Thanks to MS Dynamics NAV solutions for reliable data do not need to bring together a large number of disparate documents and reporting information from different sources - all information about the company's customers is stored and managed centrally.
Using CRM-functions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can:
  • Plan, execute and analyze marketing campaigns
  • To qualify potential clients, conduct analytical surveys
  • Automate the activities of sales managers, providing them with all necessary information as sales leads, and the active customer, for which your company is already carrying out projects
  • Manage sales, planning of sales managers and sales results analysis
A single customer database is not only easy to find contact information, contracts, and the results of operations, but also allows more responsive to the treatment of potential customers.
Project management. Solutions Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can manage the distribution of time, material and financial resources to projects.
Using the functions of project management solutions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can:
  • Plan the projects;
  • Promptly handle non-routine customer inquiries;
  • Optimize the performance of maintenance work;
  • Obtain information about the status of each of the current projects;
  • To plan the optimal use of company resources;
  • Optimize stocks of consumables and accessories.


An analysis of ongoing projects, you always see, whether your plans current financial performance.
Financial management. You do not need reminding of how important it is for the companies working in professional services, financial management - is key to the stability of your business.
Solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows financial managers to service companies:
  • Register and pay for the completion phase of the work or the whole project
  • Acts quickly to form settlements with clients
  • Record revenue from projects and services
  • Analyze the effectiveness of employees of production units
  • Analyze the profitability of projects and services
  • Manage the turnover, costs and revenues by type of service work, contracts and clients
Effective financial management, which provide a solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV for service companies, provides an opportunity to increase cash flow, put the cash flows in conformity planned performance, reduce accounts receivable.
Human Resource Management. People - the main asset of your company. That people are the bearers of skills required for professional services uick and efficient check-in staff time should be one of the daily procedures used in your company.
With the solutions Microsoft Dynamics NAV HR service companies will be able to:
  • Provides structured storage of information about employees and their history with the company
  • Automate the management of recruitment
  • Manage staff time
  • Assess the work and staff development plan


Thus, thanks to decisions Microsoft Dynamics NAV you graphically manage the structure of your organization and analyze employee productivity by controlling the cost of services of the company.