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Project management

ERPC PM solution provides an effective  management system of project activities from project initiation to completion, allows the monitoring of projects on-line, to control costs in order to meet budget, schedule, terms, plan, project profitability.

Based on ERP system Microsoft Dynamics ™ NAV and integrated with Microsoft Project, ERPC PM – it is a tool to merge calendar and resource planning with financial planning and control within a given project, and throughout the company. Use ERPC PM increases the efficiency and profitability of the project, and thus the efficiency and profitability of the company.

ERPC PM allows:

  • Detailed project plan;
  • Monitor the implementation of projects;
  • Advance warning to prevent possible delays and deviations of the project;
  • Full control of the financial component of the project activities;
  • Plan CashFlow for projects and the company as a whole;
  • Form the consolidated budget projects;
  • Provide comparative analysis between budget and actual data;
  • Analyze the results of the projects;
  • Effectively plan material requirements and resources;
  • Build effective work with customers and suppliers;
  • Build an effective motivational policies in the company.

ERPC PM – it is an integration module of Microsoft Dynamics ™ NAV, one of the most popular ERP-systems in the world, with more than 80,000 companies-users. Thus, planning and project work control will be integrated into a single corporate system. Therefore, the system will allow to do what is impossible in case of different systems, including:

  • Budgeting of financial flows in the context of projects;
  • Planning resource requirements / material assets in the context of projects;
  • Planning with specification to the level of executors;
  • Formation of payment schedule based on project budgets;
  • Formation of requests on material assets based on project budget;
  • Estimation of order date for material assets in the planned period;
  • Reservation of material assets for projects;
  • Accounting of materials, works and services for the project;
  • Calculation of the project's profitability at the planning stage and during implementation;
  • Formation of analytical reports: profit and loss, unfinished work, costs, etc.
  • Integration with MS Project and other external business applications;
  • Integration with other modules of Microsoft Dynamics ™ NAV.