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Warehouse Management

Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you the means for managing inventory logistics.


Among the main characteristics of the functionality of logistics management in the solutions could be include:


  • Full integration of processes of distribution, warehousing logistics, finance and production;
  • Minimization of the costs of warehousing logistics and delivery;
  • The integrity and transparency of the data of the warehouse;
  • Optimization of storage space;
  • Integration with external devices for collection and processing data of the warehouse.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


Accounting and Control


The problem of cost reductions is allowed by monitoring stock levels, thus avoiding the enumeration of the goods (and hence additional cost), increases the cost-effectiveness of all transactions of the warehouse and promotes closer cooperation with suppliers.


Automated data collection in the warehouse


Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows also in real time to organize a collection of information by means of wireless devices, to register the number, location, serial number of goods, the cell number and area of ​​storage products, which greatly speeds up the processing of information and at once it makes the data available to all employees.


Tracing and inventory


Tracing and control of goods in the process of buying, selling, moving, carried out as by serial number and the numbers of parties. Cross-referencing enables identification of products by the customer's article , the internals’ article or the supplier's article . Provided as a standard inventory of the warehouse, and the periodic inventory of individual products, or product groups.


Integrity and transparency of data on the status of the warehouse


The ability to instantly receive the distributed data allows employees from various divisions and departments of the company to work with a single source of reliable information. Employees always know the location of products in stock, capacity, and the degree of coverage for each cell and pallets. Periodic inventory allows identifying and resolving discrepancies of indicators on the warehouse.


Optimize of warehouse space


Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows also to be divided warehouse into separate zones, storage areas, cells, and rank them by setting the order and sequence of selection and placement of products. Information about completing of the warehouse is accumulated in a single source and is available to all employees.