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Sales and Procurement management

Submodule Sale Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides a full range of financial transactions settlements with buyers - from receipt of deposit or full payment prior to invoicing, shipping invoices, and calculating the accrual of exchange rate changes, the formation of book sales, debt analysis, calculation of fines and penalties, and etc.


Fully automated process foreign currency transactions with customers. The system stores the history of exchange rates and the exchange rate of each operation. Due to this calculation sum differences, and invoicing it is carried out automatically at the time of application (mapping) operations. Provides a record of all transactions related to customer advances: the formation of invoices for the received in advance with the record book sales, auto credit advances during the sales transaction is recorded in purchases book, etc.


For documenting transactions can be generated all the forms of documents:


  • Invoice for payment;
  • The invoice is in UAH and foreign currencies;
  • Shipment;
  • Item shipment;
  • Waybill;
  • Warehouse receipt voucher;
  • The act of the works;
  • The act of acceptance and transfer of fixed assets.
  • Revaluation of foreign currency debts of clients can be conducted in a test mode, for each customer and for each open document. This allows you to objectively evaluate the debt of any transaction and form a mutual act of taking into account the revaluation.


Operations with suppliers and accountable persons are divided into two modules: the calculations are concentrated in the module «Finance» and accounting functions of any purchase transactions (TMC, plant and equipment, services) - in the module "Buy." Calculation functions are implemented with accountable persons and maintaining expense reports in UAH and in any other currency.


To purchase inventory (TMC) provides for the automatic calculation of internal and external incremental costs. In the System is fully automated processing of value added tax (VAT), shopping and work with excise taxes. A flexible mechanism of adjustment of VAT allows you to use different methods of offsetting VAT: upon payment, in proportion to pay, upon the first payment, a special adjustment of VAT for the purchase of fixed assets. Automation of accounting and VAT offset ensures of the data in the book purchases and balances taxes.


Revaluation of foreign currency debt to suppliers can be conducted in a test mode, for each supplier and for each open document. This allows you to evaluate individual operations to debt and build mutual act in the light of the revaluation. Each purchase can be taken into account with reference to GTE. GTE registry is stored in a database and can be used for checkout and for sale, where the selection of the number of GTE is performed automatically.


Directory of contracts of purchase and its usage at registration of the transactions with suppliers allows us to analyze the status of settlements in the context of agreements: in the card provider, in the turnover balance sheets, in the back statements of the suppliers, etc.


The system implements the ability to store different versions of the book purchases. For a preliminary analysis of book purchases also provides printing test reports for individual providers, or group of suppliers, or by type of procurement. As an integrated enterprise management system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides an accountant full transparency of settlements with suppliers.


Analytical registers of calculations allow you to analyze not only the composition of operations, but also the history of their comparison with each other, as well as a detailed history of the revaluation of debt. Function of credit control and setting priorities allow you to control debts to suppliers and to set priorities of payment.