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Production Management

Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you a means of organizing and optimizing production. You will be able to lead and to handle production orders of various kinds, including planned, approved, started and completed; to plan and create production orders directly from sales orders, to adjust and modify production methods and processes, relating them with current needs and interests of customers.


Among the main characteristics of the production management functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions include the following:


  • Full integration of processes of distribution, warehousing logistics, finance and production;
  • Support of various types of production;
  • Production planning and forecasting;
  • Modeling of effective business processes in manufacturing;
  • Control of all stages of production cycle and logistics, costs of production and logistics;
  • Planning of capacity utilization;
  • Trace and transparency of any transaction;
  • The possibility of investigating various alternative routes and specifications;


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


Modeling of effective business processes


Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to quickly adapt your business processes and production cycles to customer requirements. You will be able to form realistic plans, based on existing demand, and override the policies reorder, production capacity, production calendars, and production policies the purpose of adapting to new projects.


Planning for capacity utilization


Powerful tools for planning the optimum resource loading and equipment in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to plan production deadlines, while maintaining profitability of the enterprise. Planning for capacity utilization is carried out taking into account the guild calendar and work shifts, and allows you to evenly distribute the load of the engine and working centers - you make the most realistic production schedules.


Supply planning and demand forecasting


Planning is done directly on the basis of orders. Regenerative functions, working plan, taking into account the distributed storage are supported. At the same time it’s planned the need in the materials, production capacity and cost. In decisions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV is realized production forecasting and space-scheduling. You can switch from one policy of production to another.