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Human Resource

HR management module in the solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides the tools needed staffing service for personnel management, organization structure, hiring and training staff.


Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV automates all key management functions personnel of the company, namely:


  • Establishment and management of staffing;
  • Conducting of individual record in accordance with Ukrainian legislation;
  • Storage of confidential information about employees;
  • Registration instructions for staff: orders for admission, transfer, dismissal, etc.;
  • Payroll accounting;
  • Calculation of income taxes of employees.


If you want to find the most suitable performer for a specific project or a candidate for a new position, solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help your HR professionals to do it on the basis of information from personal files that are stored in a structured database of employees. HR managers will be able to forget about routine procedures of storage and circulation of documents and focus on the management of personnel selection and development, defining the purpose of employee development in line with the company business goals.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


Management of the organizational structure


Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allow you to model various schemes of the light line, project and matrix structure, using visual diagrams with a focus on business function. Manage the organizational structure of the enterprise will help you benefit from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as:


  • A graphical representation of the organizational structure and staff units;
  • Unified database of workers;
  • Development tools of the qualification grid;
  • Support for linear, matrix and project structure of organizations.


Any changes in the organizational structure are quickly and easily recorded on the diagrams, and the story of changes is stored in the database.


Human resources records


Staffing of in the company reflects in the staffing table, according to which employees are hired, transferred and discharged. Of course, Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions can also capture freelancers. The main functions of personnel records include:


  • Personal records of employees;
  • The movement of personnel (conducting operations and formation of orders for admission, transfer and dismissal of employees);
  • Promotion up the career ladder (the change of salary and transfer to a new position);
  • Development of staffing table and maintenance of the history of its change;
  • Formation of leave;
  • Recording and storage of historical data about an employee;
  • Generation of standardized forms of reporting staff.


All information about employees of your company (CV, contact information, etc.) are centrally stored in a shared database, which is the only point of collection and storage of such information.




Recruitment of new employees and movement of personnel within the organization are ongoing and are associated with a huge chore. HR function in Microsoft Dynamics NAV solutions allow to automate this work, so you will only control the process of obtaining a candidate's resume, correspondence with him and interview - before the hiring or reject the nomination. Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV automates all the typical recruitment process:


  • Processing of resumes from candidates for vacant positions;
  • Classification and control of communications;
  • Monitoring of meetings and telephone calls;
  • Support of e-mail correspondence;
  • Mass recruitment.


Organizations with a linear, matrix or project structure of solution of Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps to select employees for specific jobs.


Staff development


Management of staff development means an opportunity to assess the knowledge and skills of employees and to compare them with organization's needs. Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows also to professionals of staff to determine the current level of employees, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and prepare for them development plans. You will be able to create qualification matrix and build process of staff development, including interviews with staff, plan training, and organizing activities that ensure professional growth of staff in accordance with the strategy of the company. All this is possible thanks to features such solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, as:


  • Graphical tools for comparing the level of staff with the needs of the company;
  • Structured description of skills;
  • Standardization of the process of staff development;
  • Staff development plans, taking into account missing skills;
  • Management of training courses.


Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allow you to manage both internal and external training, including information about that, which training was going to pass the employer or what the quality of teaching, course content, learning materials, skills and growth prospects of the employee.