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Financial management

Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will allow you to control the financial flows of the company, filing, processing, analyzing and considering the most important business information. You will be able to organize accounting, tax and management accounting at the enterprise in accordance with national and international standards and accepted standards of reporting.


Below are the main functions of financial management, provided by Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


  • Support for different models of accounting: accounting, tax, management, accounting according to international standards;
  • Multilateral financial analysis, including the use of analytical measurements;
  • Unlimited number of arbitrary analytical measurements;
  • Multi-brand and multi-currency accounting;
  • Budgeting and financial planning;
  • Control and monitoring of budget execution;
  • Control of receivables and payables, analysis of arrears;
  • Preparation of unformalized analytical reports and financial statements in terms of subject area;
  • Built-in financial reporting;
  • A full audit of the operations;
  • Integration with warehouse and manufacturing circuit;
  • Preparation of accounting and tax reporting.


Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


Accounting and Management Accounting


Means of financial management solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV will improve your work and work of your employees by automating the most important for the financial management business processes. The system provides full support for the national accounting and tax, and reduces your costs for reliable accounting, financial reporting and analysis. It is also able to give you a complete picture of financial operations for rapid decision-making. The main functions of accounting and management accounting in solutions Microsoft Dynamics NAV are:


  • Double entry posting;
  • Automation of all areas of accounting;
  • Account bank and cash transactions in multiple currencies;
  • Registration of warehouse operations;
  • Purchases book, sales book, tax calculation;
  • Tax accounting;
  • Effective cash flow management;
  • Financial Management for International Business and distributed holding structures;
  • Multicurrency accounting: currency conversion, exchange / sum postings differences;
  • Registration and approval of invoices;
  • Holding of offsets and barter transactions;
  • Conduct calculations using an unlimited number of bank accounts;
  • Records of bank accounts of suppliers and customers;
  • Control the size limit of cash settlements between the legal persons;
  • A set of standardized forms of accounting and tax reporting.


Accounting for fixed assets


Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows parallel and independently maintain a national accounting and tax accounting, corporate and managerial accounting to international standards. Asset management features are tightly integrated with financial and logistical functions of solutions Microsoft Dynamics NAV and allow relating business operations to the various codes of analysts, who might be cost centers, profit centers, divisions, products, etc. Below are the key features of fixed assets in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:


  • Records of fixed assets and intangible assets on an unlimited number of accounting models;
  • Depreciation of assets in accordance with various methods and uniform standards handbook depreciation;
  • The formation of a regulated national reporting, and various management reports;
  • Accounting operations relocating any assets (domestic and inter-company holding) with the transfer of the balance;
  • Tax records of depreciable property;
  • Budgeting transactions with fixed assets.


Cash and bank


One of the main areas of accounting - cash accounting and banking operations. Solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to create all the documents necessary for conducting cash transactions:


  • Receipt cash order;
  • Expendable cash order;
  • Cash book;
  • Log incoming and outgoing orders.


Each company can conduct an unlimited number of checking accounts, both in UAH and in any currency. For cashless payments companies are issuing payment orders and pushes credit operations of the Bank. Special batch job overestimates the balances in foreign currency accounts. The system stores a complete history of transactions with funds.


Analytical measurements


The functionality of analytical measurements, implemented in the solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, allows to receive a comprehensive view of the business aspects of its development, and other fundamental aspects of the business. It is powerful and flexible analytical tool designed to improve and simplify the tasks associated with the formation of statements, budgets and their subsequent processing. With the help of analytical measurements, information can be grouped according to certain criteria and eligibility, and then assign its transactions. Using the measurement in recorded operations (both financial and budget), it is possible to monitor the functioning of offices and departments of the company, make comparisons (with other branches / departments for the previous periods, with budgets that, and so on).


To bring the rules on corporate accounting in line with the changing requirements of the law or the specifics activities of the enterprise quite a few modified existing analytical measurement, or add new ones. For each dimension, we can define accounting rules associated information. Thus, without changing the overall structure of financial accounting, you get the flexibility and agility of analysts.




The solutions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV implemented powerful multi-currency, support not only to guide an unlimited number of currencies with a history of their courses, rules for displaying the amounts and round, but the functionality of automatic calculation of exchange rate changes to the allocation them to the relevant financial statements. Similarly, the means of multi-currency provide generation of financial accounting in multiple currencies, conducting two-track location information in the selected currency in real time and much more.