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Automation of project and building business? There is a solution.




The construction industry is without a doubt, one of the most difficult. Crisis, the various trends of the modern economy will inevitably have an impact on the work of construction companies in particular and the whole building.

Even the most minor changes in business environment requires managers of construction companies of new principles of governance, stimulate the search for new ways to reduce costs, streamline business processes and enhance competitive advantage.

In a highly competitive environment requires tools to have in front of an accurate picture of business environment - from its general level and to the smallest detail in separate transactions. One of the steps of effective business strategy is to implement an ERP system as a tool to monitor the process and on the basis of the operative to make important strategic solutions.

Solution of ERPC «Development & Construction», developed by the Ukrainian company ERP Consulting, allows management to monitor the progress of the construction company and manage projects at all stages of construction, carry out an accurate assessment of key performance indicators to manipulate data from different sources into a unified information environment.

Solution is built on the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV, taking into account the specifics of the construction industry. Solution avoids the inaccuracies in the calculations and the deviation from the stated targets, and thus minimizes the financial risk. Solution provides an effective interaction of all departments and sub-contractors into a single information space and allows for consolidated accounting of costs for all branches, optimize business processes, and reduce routine work of staff. Allows you to completely automate the management accounting for a construction company, and keep track of contracts with suppliers, customers, contractors, carry out a financial, calendar, resource planning and continuous monitoring of business activities.