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Release a new version of solution "ERPC. Management construction business"

ERP Consulting company announced the solution  ERPC. Management of construction business, built on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009, for the effective planning and management of investment programs, operating budgets of projects, monitoring the passage of the actual operations of the announced budget. The solution allows to obtain analytical reports based on the data of the investment, operating budgets and actual operations spending plan actual analysis.

Functionality of the solution "ERPC. Management construction business":


"Investment Planning Module" allows the company to solve the following tasks:


  • Lead system projects in accordance with their details and characteristics. Reference characteristics of projects is unified and allows to reflect the characteristics of different types, in different currencies with a change of values in the time period of planning, including scenario development project (optimistic, pessimistic). Tool allows to calculate values of  the characteristics based on the formulas;
  • Effectively manage the investment budget of the project in the context of a group of analysts (the centers of financial responsibility, the structure of revenues and expenditures, work phases, phase of the project);
  • Ability to automatically generate cost data using algorithms and dependency characteristics of the project, the existing budget data;
  • Generate cost wiring using the cash method and / or accrual basis according to different scenarios of the project;
  • Build the consolidated financial statements and analysis on the basis of budget and actual data, and in the context of projects (Cash Flow, schedule of construction and sales, balance sheet, statement of income);
  • Calculate projected and actual key performance indicators project using scenarios of the project (net income, $ / sq m, the net present value-NPV, internal rate of return - IRR, the weighted average cost of capital - WACC, the need for equity, etc.).


"Module operations planning"


  • Keeping operating budgets with planning horizons for the year and quarter with a depth of detail budget data to the day;
  • Distributed generation cost data based on budget requests. Procedure of approval of budget data, the approval chain. Make improvements and adjustments to the data;
  • The solution allows the actual operations with the use of documents MS Dynamics NAV, and implemented integration with accounting software, particularly 1C;
  • Follow-up indicators of operating budgets, using analytical reporting forms that enables a plan-fact analysis of the budget and evaluate the effectiveness of the planning system.


"ERPC. Management construction business" - is effective tool for building, managing and analyzing long-term investment programs, operational planning and control of financial resources of the company. Functionality of the solution allows, through business process modeling and calculation of key indicators of the project, based on financial flows, to form the budget of the project and the company as a whole, as well as controlling the execution of the plans.

For more information about the solution,  as well as about implemented projects can be found here or by phone +38 (044) 581-59-33