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Business Intelligence (BI)

BI systems (Business intelligence) are intended to provide management information on the situation in the company and its environment.


Business intelligence - is:


  • Methods and tools for building informative reports about the current situation
  • Tools for data integration and data cleansing (ETL - Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Analytical data warehouse (OLAP)
  • Means of Data Mining


The main objective of business intelligence - to provide the necessary information to the person to whom it is needed at the right time. This information is used to make informed management decisions.


The main source of information for building BI systems is a management accounting system in a company that collects analytical information on all major areas of management:


  • Data about customers, suppliers
  • Data on goods, products, services
  • Data on purchase and sale
  • Data on marketing activities
  • Data of the company’s staff
  • Data about tangible and intangible assets of the company
  • Data about the investment portfolio
  • Detailed structured information about receivables and payables
  • Data on the project portfolio
  • Data on stocks and logistics system


Properly constructed management information system provides planned and actual information about all aspects of management and is the foundation for business intelligence and support management decisions.


Depending upon the industry and the scale of business, management information system can be constructed on the basis of enterprise resource planning (ERP), system CRM (Customer Relationship Management), billing systems, control of media content systems, business process management, electronic trading systems, process control, supply chain management, etc.