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Windows Small Business Server 2008




Windows Small Business Server 2008 is designed specifically for small businesses. Product interacts well with the available technology and is built using the best practical solutions for Microsoft. It offers an affordable way of creating at the enterprise encompassing network infrastructure.

Permanent access to the office desktops, including: e-mail, files, application programs, etc.

The total using of resources and equipment (Internet access, printers, fax machines, etc.) for the most effective use of IT.

Compatibility and Scalability: Windows Small Business Server 2008 will change along with your company; you can easily add users, servers and applications, as well as expand the possibilities of Microsoft technologies.

High performance and an even better business impact through the use of an integrated administrative console.

Guaranteed availability of infrastructure due to high-performance network built on the basis of Windows Server 2008.

Protect your business data

Windows Small Business Server 2008 helps to protect the critical information, providing data backup in the network and the ability to recover accidentally deleted files.

Anti-virus and anti-spam tools that help you protect information from hackers, viruses and spam.

Timely updating of computers and servers and network support in working condition.

Effective business management and business data, through the daily and weekly reports on the status and security systems.

You can monitor the computers and servers and manage the performance of typical ІT tasks of a single administrative console.

To-date information about the state of security and status of workstations, and servers using the Green Check.



Increased opportunities for business

With Windows Small Business Server 2008, employees can from any Internet-connected computer carry out secure access to contact lists, calendar, e-mail, files and other important resources of workstations. Because of this they can work productively even beyond the boundaries of the office, for example when traveling.

The ability to easily and professionally communicate with customers, vendors and performers through the continuous access to the contacts list, calendar with appointments, and files from Internet-connected computer or smartphone running Windows Mobile. You will be able to respond to treatment, even from outside the boundaries of the office.