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Communities and Networks

 Communities in SharePoint allow employees to organize joint work in the most convenient way for them. A wide range of collaborative and social networking is the foundation for a full-fledged business communities. Provide joint work for staff in groups, sharing knowledge and ideas, and interaction with colleagues, as well as easy retrieval of information and experts. Connect people with SharePoint 2010 communities, to increase their productivity, to kick-start innovation and cut costs.






Joint work in a convenient style


Ensure communication and collaboration among your employees based on a flexible platform to work together and set a variety of means  from wikis to workflows, from the sites of the working groups to support the tags. Engage the collective intelligence of your organization and give employees freedom to work together at a convenient format.

The reliability of a secured platform for collaboration


SharePoint platform for collaboration will remove a significant part of the concerns from your IT staff due to its security, ease of management and scalability in line with future needs.SharePoint 2010 provides a safe social networking for enterprises through flexible set up security and privacy, centralized management and policy enforcement, as well as reliable means of analysis and reporting.


Increase the value of your solutions to support communities


SharePoint includes Business Connectivity Services, and also works on open standards and protocols, providing easy integration of third-party applications and server systems. In addition, SharePoint "by default" integrates with other components of the infrastructure of business productivity from Microsoft, including applications Office, Exchange Server, Office Communications Server, SQL Server, as well as the range of Dynamics  all this is to create a joint platform for collaboration and use good familiar user interface.

My Profile


On the "My Profile" section contains various information about employees, including their biographies, position, location, contact details, information about the interests and skills, as well as information concerning their projects. With this information it will be easier to find the right colleagues and experts from other departments.

Key words (tags)


Pages in SharePoint sites combine the ease of editing, true to type of wiki pages, with feature-rich Web Parts. Creating, editing and managing wikis in SharePoint 2010 has become even easier. Convenient visual editing and multimedia support will help you to easily create web pages  and all changes can be viewed online. With SharePoint pages you can also manage records, providing with compliance to corporate policies and proper storage of documents.





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