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Seminar - workshop "Effective management of industrial enterprise".

ERP Consulting company took part in the seminar - workshop "Effective management of industrial enterprise".

The main theme of the seminar was devoted to:


  • operational management of the production company (sales and operations planning, operational accounting, operational planning / re-planning of production, sales management, marketing, supplying, storage menegement;
  • effective use of financial resources through planning and analysis of the production enterprises;
  • life cycle management of products, practical experience in implementing IT lifecycle management products in manufacturing plants;
  • technology support life cycle;
  • organizational management (electronic document management, project management, enterprise portals).

During the seminar, Business leaders, Directors of production, Logistics, Operations directors, Managers and Leading specialists of the financial and economic services shared their experiences of modern management and information technology in manufacturing plants, as well as discuss new and perspective technologies.