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Active sales vs Smart Sales: Practice effective implementation of CRM systems

February 9, 2013 held a forum, "Active and partner sales for B2B companies”,  organized the marketing agency of full cycle “Business.People”

Practical experience in building active and partner sales shared 20 invited experts - Director of Sales and Directors of development of business  leading B2B companies in Ukraine. The forum discussed the building of personal relationships with decision-makers in companies, gaining their trust, clarify the "real" needs of the formation of individual proposals in the light of the situation of the client. Many B2B companies are in favor of partner sales - when the company - a partner is selling your products / services to customers. The forum touched on questions of how to understand exactly what the company will be able to become your sales partners and how to provide them  favorable conditions for sales and bring them up to speed on your product / service.

 Natalia Koval, business development  director of ERP Consulting, successfully performed a report on "Active sales vs Smart Sales: Practice effective implementation of CRM systems."


In the report, Natalia talked about CRM, as a concept and a business strategy, the core of which is a "customer-oriented" approach. CRM – is a system that allows the implementation of which increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service. Automating processes in marketing can effectively conduct certain marketing campaigns, analyze investments spent to attract every client. CRM sales tools are enable you to handle leads, identify them in the possible deal, qualify and evaluate clients, create sales cycles, build sales funnel and analyze them. Service functions in CRM can provide quality service to every customer, and build customer loyalty system designed to generate additional sales. In the practical part of the report, Natalia gave an example case and told how CRM technology can be used in the sale of complex products.

CRM module presents in all modern ERP systems. If the company has implemented or planned to implement ERP - it is advisable to consider, first of all,  this module.

This comprehensive iimplementation will save time and money.

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